Hexforce 5-piece Set


Hexforce 5-piece Set
  • $99.00

Includes HF-23, HF-21, HF-19, HF-17, HF-16

3 Times Gripping Surface - The Hexforce™ “Butterfly Wrench” provides a full wrap-around gripping surface that open-end wrenches cannot... even on captive fittings where sockets don’t work. Perfect for chassis, suspension, alignment, and tube nuts.

• Unique pivot/hinge/clamp action for 360º contact
• Won’t slip off even the most damaged hex surface like open-end wrenches
• Socket-like gripping on captive fittings
• Attaches to standard 1/2” or 3/8” ratchet drive
• Other sizes also available

HF-23: 23-24mm / 15/16"
HF-21: 21-22mm / 13/16"-7/8"
HF-19: 19-20mm / 3/4"
HF-17: 17-18mm / 11/16"
HF-16: 16mm / 5/8"

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